Scrabble Fundamentals for Beginners


Learning and mastering the game of Scrabble leads you to countless word finder tips and strategies. Being a master of this game starts with the most basic and that is learning the fundamentals of the game. No matter how advanced you may go, memorizing and complying with the basic rules and regulations is still the key to your unquestionable success.

Rules in Playing Scrabble

Don’t go straight to learning the Scrabble cheats and strategies. Know how this game is played and play it right. Scrabble is played by 2 to 4 players at a single match where they use their tiles on the board to form words with their corresponding values or scores. The one with the highest score wins the game.

The Scrabble Board

The standard board of Scrabble has cells that are placed in the large square grid. There are 15 cells high and another 15 cells wide with the tiles that fit individual cells.

Tile Values

Before you use a Scrabble word checker, make sure you know how much the tiles are worth. There's no point using such a tool to find words that end in c if you don't know what 'c' is valued at!/ You may not actually find it difficult since each tile or letter has their corresponding value indicated on the tile itself. The highest tile value is 10 points for letter Q and Z while tiles J and X come in second as 8 pointers. Letter K gets 5 points while F, H, Y, W, and V each have 4 points. Blank tiles have 0 points but they come in handy when you want to complete a particular word and you have a missing letter or two.

Scrabble help basics are vital things to know, understand, and master before you move higher the ladder of Scrabble’s expert gamers. Learn the mechanics of the game and start with a fairly strong foundation. Let the games begin!


Scrabble is a unique game that involves the perfect merger of intricate word knowledge with a strategic game plan. Add a little bit of luck to the mixture, and you will have a winning combination. It is essential to understand basic word knowledge such as looking for anagrams, never fixating on the first word you come across, learning new word tips, etc. Along with these skills, it is equally important to learn for new words from Scrabble word finder or look for tips & tricks from the Scrabble help websites available online.


Another important aspect of being successful at Scrabble is board awareness. At the beginning of the game, the players are responsible for the shaping the board. But as the game goes on, it is the player’s responsibility to adjust their game plan according to the board. One must use the right words to attack the hot spots of the board and devise their game plan to look for more bonus scores. One must be aware of all the opportunities and threats that come up during the game and make the most of them efficiently. The transition from defense to attack and vice versa might help you win the game.


Another essential ability involves being familiar with the total number of each letters available in the game and estimating the probability of drawing that letter from the remaining tiles. This estimation allows the player to manage their gameplay better and throws some light onto which letters to hold onto and which letters to use on the board. As the bag gets empty, it will also give you a better idea of what letters the opponent is stuck with, ensuring you do not gift them any easy points and bonus scores. Blocking your opponent might entail to you being called a Scrabble cheat, but as long as you win the game, it really does not matter.

Scrabble Words Builder

A Scrabble planner or word is a word chain which some online websites suggest where the Scrabble or word game player can enter a letter combination and have the word builder give the person a record of words which can be spelled with those letters. Online Scrabble players utilize word tips tools to assist them in their competitions on Scrabble sites. While the practice of using word building programs is frowned upon, the majority of Internet players use them and it is not a secret in the online Scrabble playing society. Visit a Scrabble forum and you will see numerous discussions of which Scrabble word finder are the most excellent to use, although you will sporadically see purists paling against their use. Since online word resources cannot be used in live Scrabble tourneys and your local Scrabble Club's competitions where Scrabble cheats and Scrabble help can be implemented. In general, you will get more passion when asking if SOWPODS or TWA should be the worldwide standard for Scrabble dictionaries. Why employ a Scrabble Word Builder? Scrabble word builders are not just used to give people an advantage when playing online Scrabble, however, that is the major use. Word finders can build your vocabulary of words, once you begin to see the similar words coming up in diverse situations. Word builder lists also open your mind to the potential, since you may get an indiscriminate set of numbers and imagine 3-word combinations that would work, just to have the online word constructor suggest like 54 words. Of course, word game lovers can make use of your clever online Scrabble word builder to help them solve their crossword puzzles when perplexed, or when resolving anagrams, or playing other word games like Literati, Jumble, or Word Ox. Students, wordsmiths, and writers might like playing around with a Scrabble word builder and a dictionary just to discover new words. Scrabble teaches us all how many incomprehensible words there are in the English language.